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Maintenance Tips

Chimney Maintenance Tips In York County

We know that you care about your home safety. So do we. At Absolute Chimney Service, we have a responsibility to not only help you with your usual chimney needs, but also to help educate our friends, neighbors, and community members about the dangers that come with owning a chimney. As experts in our field, we’re happy to pass these tips on to you and your family to ensure a safe, healthy environment while using a chimney. Take a look! 

Chimney Cleanings and Inspections Can Save Your Life 

It’s a scary thought- we know- but going too long without a proper, professional chimney cleaning and inspection can actually cost you and your loved ones your lives. Proper ventilation allows for toxic gases and carbon monoxide- lethal to humans- to be disposed of properly outdoors. Get a professional cleaning and inspection once per year!
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Smoke and Carbon
Dioxide Detectors

You can never underestimate the power of basic precautions when it comes to fire safety. First and foremost, both smoke and CO detectors are a necessity in any home, and will provide the first indication of a problem in your home. Be sure to change the batteries often! 

Have a Plan

Make an escape plan! Create an exit plan for you, your family, and pets to follow in case of an emergency, and be sure that everyone knows the plan perfectly. Have family fire drills to practice your escape plan periodically! 

Stove and Fireplace Ashes

You should always dispose of stove or fireplace ashes in a steel container stored on a noncombustible surface. Do not, however, store them in a garage, for example, or anywhere else where there may be fuel supplies that could possibly ignite from the ashes.

Clean The Stove Pipe

Keep an eye on the stove pipe and, if possible, try and clean the stove and stove pipe weekly. Chimney fires often start in the stove pipe, so it’s important to keep it clean. 

Back Puffing Wood Stoves

If a stove puffs smoke back at you when you try to add wood, or if you smell a smokey odor when you enter your house, you might be experiencing either a down draft or a blockage in the chimney flu. Stop using your stove and contact your chimney sweep immediately. 


In the worst-case scenario of a chimney or house fire, it is advisable to run carefully, not walk, out of the house in an orderly fashion and promptly call 911. Remain in your front yard, and do not go back into the house under any circumstance! Although the path may seem clear, the toxic gases produced by the flames are actually more lethal than the fire itself. Be smart, and stay safe! 

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